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Pesky Birds Nesting in Your Roof

Every year we seem to be getting an increasing number of calls regarding nesting birds.

Common birds that nest in your roof

  • Sparrows
  • Starlings
  • Indian Myna
  • Pigeons
Pesky Birds Nesting

Nesting birds can present many dangers to home and business owners. Generally people who call us are complaining of the noise and nuisance of the birds, oftentimes oblivious to the dangers carried by birds, their droppings and nesting materials.

Nesting in roof cavity

When we get calls it is mostly been happening for several years of the bird nesting in the premises, it appears that people think that after the birds leave the nests they will not be back. However birds are persistent creatures and once they have established a nesting site they will come back year on year.

Different species of birds will have different nesting patterns and favoured places. However the eaves of houses remain ever popular, mainly due to the natural shelter and protection that they offer. Birds will squeeze through the tiniest of gaps and holes and will generally cause some damage to the exterior of your house. A lot more serious and what people don’t see, is what is going on it your attic.

Small birds can create big issues

The image below which we took in a client’s attic recently very clearly illustrates the dangers that the nesting birds bring into your attic.

There are three dangers in this particular case.

In the bottom right corner there are wires from a ceiling spotlight, there are two dangerous risks here, birds could start pulling at cables and also that nesting material located near cables could potentially start a fire. Also what you cannot see in this picture is that the client’s water tank is located just to the right, any nesting material or bird faeces that enters into a water tank obviously carries major health and safety hazards.

The third hazard is that nesting material is piling in along the wall which is over a bedroom, there is a strong risk that the nesting material is home to blood feeding parasites and other insects who can easily make their way along the wall into the rooms of the house.

Bird Mites:
Bird Mites

Once the birds has flown and left the nest, evidence of bird mites remain in and around the nest.

Bird mites are avian parasites that live on the skin of domestic fowl and wild birds. If these pests make their way into your home they can affect you for several weeks at a time. ‌

Mite bites can cause mild to severe discomfort and disrupt your everyday activities.

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