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At Essential Pest Solutions in Geelong, we offer premium residential pest control solutions to keep your family safe from annoying and harmful pests.

Residential Pest Control Geelong

With the bizarre weather patterns in Victoria, including the Geelong region, pests are adapting and causing issues all year round invading homes and gardens in residential areas. Rats and mice are busy searching for food in and around homes, spiders are spinning webs or crawling inside hunting prey, fleas are partying on pets and ants are trailing from gardens into kitchens searching for anything sweet.

Possums born in winter in local Geelong regions are now big enough to forage on their own into roofs and sheds. Then there are the other creepy crawlies like cockroaches, bees and wasps, carpet beetles, and mosquitoes invading your otherwise safe home or garden.

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    Residential Pest Control Services

    At Essential Pest Solutions in Geelong, we offer premium residential pest control solutions to keep your family safe from annoying and harmful pests. We offer inspections so you know what kind of pests have set up shop in your home and we advise you about what damage they can do and have done. Rats can gnaw away at electrical cables and cause house fires, spread germs in their droppings and urine, or at the very least, cost you heaps for repairs!

    Residential Pest Inspection

    During a local residential pest inspection of your home, we don’t forget the garden. Our local pest experts can identify major rodent or ant infestations, spiders, fleas, moths, carpet beetles, and all the other nasties that want to use your home as a base. So call Essential Pest Solutions for an inspection and quality pest control to nip the pest problem in the bud before the damage is done.

    Residential Pest Management

    The best way to achieve residential pest control and management is with regular pest inspections by our licenced professionals at Essential Pest Solutions. 

    Along with pest control and inspections, we offer bird-proofing and possum removal, rat and mouse control, flea treatments, and more to keep your home safe and your family healthy.

    Foxes are part of our pest control regime since they roam the local suburbs spreading disease, preying on native wildlife, and killing backyard chooks and even domestic pets. So let us use our ethical deterrents and methods to deal with the problem. 

    Pests Are a Residential Health Hazard

    Pigeons also are a residential health hazard and can contaminate food and water, spread gastroenteritis and flu, trigger allergies, and damage buildings. So they are best controlled humanely. 

    Birds like Indian Mynas, rats, mice, and possums are also a health hazard and can damage buildings. Our specialty at Essential Pest Solutions is creating the perfect integrated pest management program to control a range of established pests in homes and other sites.

    Professional Residential Pest Control

    Australia has a plethora of unique insects, rodents, and other mammals found nowhere else in the world, which is great. However, this diversity has a downside. They don’t see any difference between the bush and our residential areas so they will take advantage of anywhere that’s cool in summer, warm in winter, and dry when it rains, and your home is perfect. The list of harmful pests that see your home as a shelter or a safe place to breed is long and varied. It includes the most common insects such as:

    Cockroaches – Cockroaches are pervasive in residential areas and thrive in damp areas, spreading gastroenteritis, dysentery, and salmonella. Their droppings can make eczema and asthma worse in children. Roaches eat leftover food and even cardboard and glue, faeces and even dead cockroaches. Droppings, brown smear marks, and husks are telltale signs of a cockroach infestation. The old saying “If you see one cockroach, there are a thousand more you can’t see” is so true.

    Spiders – Australia has more than 2,000 spider species, and some are the most poisonous in the world. Victoria’s funnel web is not fatal but can cause mild headaches and nausea, but a redback can kill an elderly, ill, or frail person or a child if left untreated. Other spiders can leave painful wounds. Spiders like residential areas where they can hide in damp or dark places like wardrobes, bookcases, and air vents. They weave webs to catch food. 

    Ants – Ants are a common pest problem, especially in the summertime in Geelong. They are relatives of termites and bees and belong to the insect order Hymenoptera. Just one colony can hold up to 500,000 ants, and they can all leave the nest if it’s threatened. Queens can live for 15 years and worker ants for up to seven. There are about 1,300 ant species in Australia, but only a few become pests in houses in Geelong. These are usually:

    • Argentine Ants – workers are light to dark brown, about 1.6mm long. Bite but don’t sting.
    • Bull Ant – large, up to 40 mm long. Red or black. Excruciating bite.
    • Black House Ant – Shiny and black, 2.5 – 3mm long.
    • Carpenter Ant – Comes in various sizes. Workers and soldier ants are the largest, food gatherers and colony builders smaller.
    • Coastal Brown Ant – About 1.5-2.5mm long, yellow-brown to brown.
    • Red Imported Fire Ants – Coppery–brown head and body, with a dark abdomen. Workers 3.18mm-6.35mm long, queen 1.59cm, with a two-segment antennal club.  

    The fire ant is a special problem in Australia after arriving by overseas ship into Queensland. Australian Agricultural authorities predict a cost of $8.9 billion over 30 years if the ant is not controlled. Almost $20 million is being spent in Victoria because if the fire ant gets a strong foothold, it can destroy our outdoor lifestyle.

    Fire ants can:

    • inflict a burning, painful sting
    • infest parks, recreational areas and backyards
    • reduce the value of properties
    • damage infrastructure and equipment 
    • damage crops and injure animals
    • affect native flora and fauna

    Rodents – The most common rodents in Geelong homes and commercial properties are the Norway rat – Rattus norvegicus also known as the brown, sewer and wharf rat which has small close-set bald ears, a blunt nose and a tail fatter at the base and shorter than the body. And the roof rat – Rattus rattus also known as the black or ship rat. – it is slender and its tail is the length of the head and body combined. Rats and mice can transmit diseases, and they can damage buildings by gnawing wiring and conduits

    Clothes moth – Tineola bisselliella is the scientific name of the webbing clothes moth is the most common fabric moth. They have gold-reddish hairs on their heads and a wingspan of about 1.25cm. Clothes moths are found in dark corners of closets where they eat clothes. There’s another clothes moth, Tinea pellionella or casemaking clothes moth. This pest is similar to the webbing clothes moth, but the wings are more brownish and have subtle dark-coloured dots. These moths are also common in wardrobes and eat clothes.

    Carpet Beetles – Carpet beetles are no problem in their natural environment but they eat wool carpets and fabrics, plus clothes. It takes just one carpet beetle to do a lot of damage to your furniture, carpets and clothes. If you see one carpet beetle, there will be up to 10o eggs somewhere in your home waiting to hatch. 

    Fleas – These irksome little insects can thrive in residential areas and can infest both inside and outside your home, attaching themselves to your pets and biting them and other members of your family. Fleas are notoriously difficult to get rid of once they’re established since one female can lay hundreds of eggs and turn a minor infestation into a disaster in no time. 

    Mosquitoes Mosquitoes can be a problem since they carry some pretty nasty diseases, especially with Japanese Encephalitis cases on the rise. But the problem can be avoided with expert pest control provided by Essential Pest Solutions.

    Residential Pest Control Services Near Me

    If you’re searching the Internet for a Geelong-based family-run residential pest control service “near me”, then you’ve stopped at the right website. 

    Whether you’re in need of house pest control for an infestation of bees that swarmed in the wrong place and pose a danger to you, your family, or the community, or you want us to remove and control possums from your roof, we’re here to help. If wasps are causing a problem, we can control the problem with a baiting program. Check out the products we use and hold licences for by clicking on this link. 

    Residential Pest Removal and Quality Pest Control

    Here at Essential Pest Solutions, our approach to residential pest removal and quality pest control is personal. Our local pest professionals work closely with occupants or owners of the residence or business premises. We deliver quality service and reliable pest treatment, pest prevention programs, and residential pest removal.

    No matter what kind of pest problem is ruining your health and peace of mind in Geelong and surrounding regions, we can help with a suitable, custom-designed solution. 

    For trusted, local, reliable and quality pest control and protection against infestations in Geelong and surrounding regions, your local team at Essential Pest Solutions is a great choice. We’re fully licenced and Insured.

    Call Essential Pest Solutions Today

    We deal with all the common and most uncommon residential pests in local homes, so contact us at Essential Pest Solutions today at 0438 422 580 or send an email using the convenient online form or at so we can offer professional advice on the safest and most effective way to solve your pest problem.

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