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Solar Panel Proofing

Do you have a problem with birds and leaves getting under your solar panels?Essential Pest Control is here to help!

Pigeon Proofing

Many home and business owners have installed solar panels on their roofs in recent years to take advantage of government incentives in the form of subsidies and rebates.This has allowed many homeowners to utilise their roof as a power generating source in the form of solar energy.

However with any new development there comes unforseen challenges.Solar panel installations on house roofs create ideal nesting locations for urban pest birds, especially pigeons.Solar panels offer shade and protection for the birds.

Unfortunately this can result in costly damage to the solar panels and reduced efficiency. Pigeons can damage exposed wiring under solar panels, deposit droppings that eat into the surface of the panels as well as blocking sunlight that can reduce overall efficiency. In addition, leaves, twigs and other nesting materials can accumulate under solar panels reducing airflow which again reduces efficiency and can lead to damage from overheating.

Pigeon Nesting Under Panels

What options are available:

Solar panel mesh: Made from stainless steel and UV PVC coated welded wire mesh and using UV stable nylon fasteners, Solar Panel Mesh kits are made to last. No drilling or voiding your solar panel warranty.

Solar Clip Corrugated
Solar Clip and Mesh Closeup
Solar Clip Corrugated

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